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Social Media Optimization targets audience and brand growth through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ etc. Having an outstandin
This blog aims to define Influencer Marketing and some common errors created in it. Influencer Marketing is rapidly becoming
One may hardly find a trade out there that doesn’t have any issues with the customers. Today, the internet has erased the barriers between customers- word-of mouth- can now literally travel almost a
A website builder if defined in simple terms is software that helps you to create a website online. Website builders give you the opportunity to design a website withou
This blog sheds light on ‘Bounce Rate’ and the various ways you can adopt to improve it. Are you of the opinion that there is a connection between the bounce rate and your webs
There are multiple reasons that cause your website to go down or crash. This blog throws light on those very many aspects.
These days billions of times people are turning to Google for entertainment, clear queries and for shopping. And for all these purposes consumers are picking up their smartphones. Having a mobile- fri
Finding a reliable SEO Company is a tough task, but, not impossible. Read on to zero on a good and reliable SEO firm. In today’s digital world almost every business or s
It is said that YouTube is the second largest search engine. I’m not going to tell you how powerful YouTube is- everyone is well aware of the impact it can create. The key formula to achieve success
There has been a lot of debate going on in the designing industry about the various kinds of mobile designing alternatives available. The base discussion revolves around responsive web designing, adap
It is very true that backlinking or internal linking is also a serious part of civilizing your website’s search engine optimization and user experience. If you are operating an enormous content mark
Last year, Google said the volume of app installers doubled as they are driven by ads, and has made more than 2 billion people to download the app. Two years ago, Google has introduced Univ
Even if procedures differ significantly for technical and non-technical SEOs, each have its own value, but the collective efforts of both the techniques create real magic. As technical and non-technic
You might have heard about the great impact of SEO on your search engine ranking and ‘searchability.’ At Spiders Watch, we believe that all these years you might have lived with the idea that the
Last year, Spiders Watch came across an announcement by Google that mobile traffic will score over desktop traffic. To be more specific, more users would log onto search engines and initiate various s