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To obtain an EV SSL certificate, an organization has to fulfill certain mandatory verification criteria of SSL Certificate providers including:

  • Organization has to be legally registered and active.
  • Organization has the right to use domain specified in the EV Certificate.
  • Organization must not on any government blacklists.

Spiders Watch, is a legal EV SSL certificate provider. EV certificate provides greater assurance by turning the address bar green and no phisher would able to green to get an EV Certificate. We are one of the leading companies helping the organizations with affordable EV Certificate.

We offer various EV SSL Certificates such as:
  • EV SSL Certificates:This certificate shows your website users a visible secured sign: the green browser address bar. This green bar assures your visitors that their transmitted data is highly secured by a trustworthy domain. Due to the high level of validation required it may take 10-15 days for certain paperwork and validation, and then only the certificates can be issued.
  • Multi Domain EV SSL Certificate: This multi-domain certificate let you secure nearly 100 sub-domains or domains with a single certificate. It is a great option for e-commerce, corporate, NGO or governmental websites.
  • EV SSL Wildcard: It is a prominent way to secure a complete domain with a single EV certificate. This helps you enhance your user trust, increasing shopping cart rates while securing their entire transaction data.
  • Comodo EV SSL Certificate: Along with green bar security assurance, the Comodo Certificate comes with limitless re-issuing features, which makes editing, adding, deleting domains simple and easy without any extra payment.
Apart from advanced features, the EV SSL certificates of ours share some common features:
  • Complete business authentication
  • Relying party warranty
  • Supports mobile devices
  • Free Unlimited server licenses
  • Convenient procedure
  • Huge savings
Online purchasing is a matter of anxiety for customers. However, it is also true that customers will abandon their shopping carts if they find the site unsafe. The company name and the green bar in browser address bar fetch customers trust to your website, increasing your productivity. Moreover, with these certificates, you can stay away from the fear of becoming another victim of online fraud.

Spiders Watch, offers verified next generation EV SSL certificates to solve this serious issue in a very simple way. Our team designs certificates to secure your website from various threats, mainly from phishing attacks. Hence, this investment is a drop in the ocean of benefits. We also offer unlimited Free EV SSL Certificate for web site renewal and server license.