Google: 50% of app downloads are delivered by Universal App Campaigns
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Google: 50% of app downloads are delivered by Universal App Campaigns
Last year, Google said the volume of app installers doubled as they are driven by ads, and has made more than 2 billion people to download the app.

Two years ago, Google has introduced Universal App Campaigns (UAC) to assist developers with various formulas to drive app downloads. Since that time, UAC has collaborated with AdWords app-install campaigns. Now the firm is running all the app-install ads under the coverage of UAC.

Google told that now all app-install campaigns will perform as UAC ads but all the existing app-install campaigns will be restricted from November 15. So the developers need to transfer their application campaigns accordingly.

Mobile application campaigns opened different features and possibilities, with some overlapping distribution. AdWords app-installed ads provide much more direct control over the single channel or multi-channel placements but it’s also seen that they were more difficult to create and administer.

UAC ads are mechanically spread across multiple Google channels like on search, YouTube, GDN, AdMob and Google Play. UAC drastically simplifies ad construction and optimization with computerization.

Google discusses how UAC works:
  • They use ad text ideas and resources from your app’s store to design a diversity of ads in various formats. You just need to present some text, your budget, languages, and places for your ads. We will test different blends and give out ads with the best performance.
  • One major factor behind UAC’s outstanding performance is its capacity to automate smart bidding and optimize against a wide range of goals.
  • Google also notices a move from install-driven or download campaigns to specific in-app actions.
  • Google points out that most of the mobile-apps is now concentrated on endorsing in-app events or conversation. Around 190 countries Google Play is live and there are around 2 billion lively Android users globally.
Google says Universal App Campaigns are now delivering 50% of app downloads across its network. UAC campaigns have successfully allowed us to cut down optimizing time while increasing media buying strategies, prioritizing growth opportunities.