How to Protect Our Website from Negative SEO
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How to Protect Our Website from Negative SEO
You might have heard about the great impact of SEO on your search engine ranking and ‘searchability.’ At Spiders Watch, we believe that all these years you might have lived with the idea that the more keywords you incorporate in your web contents, more searchable will be your webpage. However, did anybody tell you anything about negative SEO? If no, then we can give you information on negative SEO that can astound you. Let us tell you here that if you consult an unprofessional SEO firm then you can be a victim of negative SEO. In case you feel really worried then you have to know what is negative SEO first.

Know what is negative SEO

Your competitors might always revamp their SEO strategies for getting higher ranks than that of yours in the popular search engines. While there are lots of techniques for doing it, some unprofessional companies take unethical measures like creating loads of spam links, or copying others’ contents and incorporating in your web pages, or using non-related keywords with your web contents that deviate the traffic. This negative SEO is a real threat for any website.

Know who does negative SEO

You may be willing to know now who does negative SEO. As we have mentioned, there are some unprofessional firms who are literally unaware of the right SEO techniques. Thus, these firms adopt black hat policies as their SEO techniques. However, you might even find a few freelancers who openly announce that your web pages will get noticed if you pay them minimum fee. Beware of these so called tempting offers they may vehemently damage the reputation of your webpage.

Know how to prevent negative SEO

Spiders Watch believes that the first thing that you need to do is to cut off all your relations with these unethical firms that encourage black hat technique. Secondly, you should follow a couple of techniques that are tried and tested by us. Here is a gist of these. Watch out.

Confide in Google

Google can be your great assistance for preventing negative SEO. You have subscribe with Google Webmaster Tool alert so that you can keep track on firms who are trying to incorporate spam links in your website or trying to remove the good links from your site. Through this tool, you can also keep track on aspects like if Google is penalizing you, if you have a connection problem with the server, etc.

Check the backlinks

Always be skeptical about the backlinks people create in your website. While some are beneficial and relevant to your site, others may be detrimental. You can either check these back links manually or get some tools to do it. Whatever you do, ensure that you are doing this cross checking every day.

Stay away from maliciousness

In the virtual world, maliciousness refers to things like spyware, malware, or adware which are designed by professional hackers to sabotage your website and create negative SEO. Spiders Watch suggests that you should take proper step for preventing these hacking activities. What you can do is create log in passwords that are strong and have alpha numeric combination, enter into a deal with your hosting company to check every post made by the online traffic, or adopt various other techniques.