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Mobile Friendly Website – A Customer Friendly One
These days billions of times people are turning to Google for entertainment, clear queries and for shopping. And for all these purposes consumers are picking up their smartphones. Having a mobile- friendly website isn’t just a good practice – it is a must requirement in the digital marketing world. Recently, Google has sent notifications to non-mobile friendly websites to fix their mobile usability issues. So, it is predictable that Google may come with new website algorithm very soon.

To make search effortless for customers, here are some steps that you can take into action:

First list most important pages: Primarily, determine the most common actions mobile users take and note down the pages of the website that can satisfy those actions or search. Once you know the most important pages on your website, list the important content categories to give a more direct path to the users search and enhancing their experience.

Keep short navigation: While designing mobile friendly websites, try to the above fold content relevant and to the point. Links included in the content should be able to help the user complete the task efficiently. Moreover, one should not neglect the fact that mobile is not a place to pass links on every website pages.

If you have an eCommerce website, it is better to keep it simple by avoiding adding of more than two levels in the drop-down functionality.

If you need to include more items to the navigation list, try to have an off-screen toggle menu with a vertically oriented navigation. Sometimes, horizontal scrolling does not work well for mobile friendly websites.

Usage of proper font size: The used font size should be clear and large enough to be visible on different mobile devices without zooming. It is highly recommended to use taller fonts that will add extra space between the letters.

Designing for touch: Today most of the people have touch screen mobiles. An average finger required around 44 pixels to select or scroll an item. Incorporating touch feedback into the navigation, in terms of color change or any other visual prompt will help the user know that he/she has selected the right option.

Designing for multi-screen mobile users: There are chances that users may access your website from different mobile devices. So it is very important to use same visual theme and features for both desktop and mobile version but make sure that your mobile and desktop navigation are not identical.

At last, try to create a mobile friendly website making it a customer friendly website.