Multiple Reasons of Website Crashing
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Multiple Reasons of Website Crashing

There are multiple reasons that cause your website to go down or crash. This blog throws light on those very many aspects.

If your website crashes that is, it goes down it can be a really horrifying and terrible experience for you. With nearly every business today having a business website, a website crash can really damage your market image and give your competitors an edge over you.

This blog aims to shed light on some common causes that lead to website crashes. They include:

Server Overloading: If you are getting a major boost in the amount of traffic your website is experiencing and your hostage plan doesn’t equip you in handling so much customer traffic on your website, it can very well go offline. Besides this, if you have bought a shared hosting plan and other websites on that hosting plan are experiencing a surge in their traffic then also your website can go offline. Nicknamed bad neighbor effect, web hosts always make an attempt to stop this kind of occurrence, but, sometimes it just becomes impossible for them to stop it.

Server Maintenance: Web hosts have to continually update the software of their server. This can result into your website going offline and a major interruption in your services. Primarily, server software updates take place at non-peak hours so as to avoid inconvenience to your users. However, your site hosting server may be located in a completely different time zone which can be the peak hour for your website. While the probability of such a situation is very low, but it can still take place.

Website Coding Errors: Technical fallacies can completely break your website and take it offline. For instance: A lone missing code line in case you are employing WordPress can completely damage your website. If an error message related to server isn’t showing up, then the fallacy most likely occurs on your website for example in its plug-in or it’s a theme conflict.

Free Web Hosting - If there is no fallacy with your website, it can very well be your host which is at fault. The host might be weak that the amount of traffic you are getting on your website cannot be handled by hoster. Another reason is that they are a poor-quality host with significant downtime. Free-hosting services offering free hosting of websites commonly suffer from these kinds of problems.

DDoS Cyber Attacks – Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, more popularly known as DDoS Attacks, happens when cyber terrorists begin spamming your website in a manner that the traffic developed on your website becomes absolutely unbearable to withstand. Therefore, if there is not an apt security protocol set at your site’s backend, you are giving a clear-cut gateway to cybercriminals to attack your website and take it either offline or gain control over it.

Conclusively, counter measures that can be taken to prevent your website from going down have been discussed in our next blog.