Simple Hacks To Top Rank Your Youtube Videos
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Simple Hacks To Top Rank Your Youtube Videos
It is said that YouTube is the second largest search engine. I’m not going to tell you how powerful YouTube is- everyone is well aware of the impact it can create. The key formula to achieve success in YouTube marketing is by getting your videos rank high in Google searches. To high rank your videos you need nothing but requires a deep understanding of Google’s search algorithm.

To dominate your YouTube video search you need to work on YouTube SEO. Here are some simple hacks to stand out your videos on YouTube:

  1. Find accurate video keywords: If you want your videos to be featured on Google search results, you need to use accurate keywords. Using right video keyword can fetch heavy traffic to your videos. You should use keywords that have at least 500 Google searches.

  2. Optimize videos: YouTube evaluate the videos by studying how viewers interact with videos. To dominate your ranking you should take consideration on various factors:

    • Meta Data: Getting Meta data right compliments your videos. You can optimize Meta data for YouTube SEO by:
      • Include a keyword while saving the file.
      • Include a keyword in the title of your video.
      • Use the optimized description of your YouTube video.
      • Share links on your social profiles.

    • Engagement Metrics: Here are some engagement pointers which cannot be neglected:
      • YouTube views matter in ranking. You can increase your views by mentioning your video links on blogs, emails, and Q&A sites and on social media platforms.
      • Create informative and engaging videos for a good number of thumbs-up.
      • More shares mean more people liked your video. So at the end of your video, you can request viewers to share your video.
      • Reply to the comments of the viewers to boost up viewers engagement.
      • Create attractive videos so that viewers subscribe your channel. It sends a strong signal to YouTube to consider your video of the high quality.

  3. Subtitles and Closed Captions: Adding subtitles and closed captions enable people to understand your video easily. You can upload a transcript if you don’t have a caption file.

  4. Watch time: Watch time is not at all related to the length of your video. Creating engaging videos and using annotations are a good way to increase the viewers watch time.

  5. Video Quality: It is analyzed that HD videos appear significantly than SD videos on YouTube search first page. Create HD videos for YouTube top ranking.

  6. Video Thumbnails: Video thumbnails work as marketing poster. Using catchy thumbnail with engaging title graphic and contextual background boost the chances to get your videos clicked.

  7. Channel’s Authority: People consider watching videos from reputed YouTube channel. Try to build authority for your channel. More views mean a better ranking.

YouTube SEO is entirely different from Google SEO. Focusing more on engagement metrics will help you get instant boosting in ranking.