Why We Need Mobile Seo For Our Non-Mobile Business?
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Why We Need Mobile Seo For Our Non-Mobile Business?
Last year, Spiders Watch came across an announcement by Google that mobile traffic will score over desktop traffic. To be more specific, more users would log onto search engines and initiate various searches through their mobile devices instead of laptops and desktops.

Now, Spiders Watch does not wish to make any comment that would encourage many debates. What we would suggest is that you should be well equipped to face it if Google’s prediction really comes true. In case you are eager to know Why we need mobile SEO for our Non-Mobile Business and wish to take measured steps, we have the tips to assist you. Read on.

Find what lies behind this prediction

Spiders Watch advices you to be analytical instead of encouraging any arguments or being nervous. Find out why Google is making such a prediction. What we have found out is that mobile devices are getting more futuristic every day. Eventually, mobile based internet users are also increasing. Thus, there is a race among companies to create mobile interface for these users. Therefore, you either have responsive web design done for your brand, or go for a dedicated mobile interface. However, we also wish to inform that the usability of laptops and desktops will never end. So, do not overlook this traditional and most trusted platform ever.

Plan to expand your targeted base

All these years you might have done a great business with the internet traffic that used to come through your laptop and desktop. Although the same traffic will come when you switch over to mobile device, some users are exclusive to this world. These next generation users are Smartphone users who prefer paying their bills, recharging their phones and internet connections, making purchases, and doing everything through Smartphones. Since the number of these users is increasing at a rapid rate, you cannot simply ignore them. Therefore, it is always wiser to increase the range of your target audience that remain satisfied with the decreasing number of “once treasure worthy” audience.

Revamp your marketing strategy

After your hear this announcement from Google, Spiders Watch advice you to make a retrospection of the marketing strategies that you have been using so far. It has become somewhat mandatory now to pay attention to mobile SEO simultaneous with desktop SEO. Therefore, instead of arguing that your site gets least footfalls from the mobile platform it is better to be equipped from beforehand. Who knows; your business can go leaps and bounds when it becomes available to users coming from all the platforms.

Know your audience

You must have come across the old saying that customers are God. We are sure that you must have implemented client-centric strategies all these years while designing your business strategies, marketing programs and offerings. However, in case you are thinking that the mobile users and their preferences are same as that of desktop and laptop users then you are wrong! This mobile traffic is quite different in its likes, dislikes, wants and wishes. Thus, you can only achieve success when you understand this mobile device based audience in the same way as you understand your desktop based audience.